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The recovery process takes time -- time to reverse the negative life patterns which have accumulated over time by an addiction-driven life. Managing life with others in a sober living environment, learning to take responsibility again, making a commitment to sobriety, and attending 12 Step meetings regularly are the beginnings of a responsible, sobriety-centered life. Reconnecting to work, family, and community life can then follow.

We understand how tough it can be to stay sober. Our program was developed from the experiences of hundreds of thousands of recovering persons who have followed the Twelve Step principles of various Anonymous Fellowships.

Residents come to us from many sources. Some are self-referred, others come from treatment facilities, detox, counseling centers, therapists, the correctional system, shelters, veterans' programs, or the streets. They all have one thing in common: wanting to stay sober. Many of our residents literally have no where else to go in order to stay sober and still live affordably.

That's where Twelve Step Education of New England comes in. We want to give back to our Billerica and Woburn communities by providing safe, sober housing.

We have been providing safe, clean, and sober housing for over a decade.

We make sure that we get all the appropriate local occupancy permits. Our houses pass rigorous fire safety inspections for the sprinkler systems, alarms that are wired directly to the fire departments, and fire extinguishers as well as health inspections. We care not only about sobriety, but safety as well. Not all sober housing can demonstrate the same commitment to residents' wellbeing. We also train our House Managers at monthly workshops, ensuring they are up-to-date on the latest protocols for maintaining a safe and equitable sober living environment.

Twelve Step Education program receives no tax dollars through state or federal aid. We operate solely through fees paid and the generosity of private donors. That is why we are cost effective and make sure we get quality goods and services for our residences that represent excellent value.

We are Billerica's source for safe and effective NA meetings, AA meetings, and sober living. It's never too late to get sober and reconnect with life. 

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