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Twelve Step Education of New England House Rules

Every house has to have rules so that everyone understands what is expected of them and to keep everyone safe and sober. Each Twelve Step Education Program of New England Sober Home has mandatory house meeting each week to foster a sense of community and to make sure that everyone has a chance to have input with house management.

Sobriety also brings with it new responsibilities to ourselves, our families, friends and to the other residents of our sober homes. Teaching residents to be responsible is part of our mission. Every resident is responsible for their behavior in our homes and are held accountable for their actions. This accountability is to show respect for our residents' sobriety.


1) No Drinking

2) No Drugging

3) Program Fee must be paid on time

4) Smoking in designated area(s) only

5) Absolutely no sexual contact between residents. This is cause for immediate eviction.

6) Stealing, destruction of property and violent behavior is cause for immediate eviction.


1) Attend a minimum of three 12-Step Recovery meetings each week.

2) Take medication(s) as prescribed. Keep medical and mental health appointments.

3) Clean up after yourself. Keep yourself and your room clean.

4) Inform House Managers if you are to be away overnight.

5) Everyone must complete weekly house chores in a timely fashion.

6) If it does not belong to you, do not use it or take it. Ask First!

7) Attend mandatory house meetings.


Two weeks advance reserve is required upon acceptance into the program for Residents paying weekly along with first weeks program payment. Advanced reserve-totaling 2 weeks program fee is used when two-week notice is given when leaving the program. For residents paying monthly, 1 month fee plus one week advance reserve is due upon acceptance in the program. Residents on SSI/SSDI or other monthly incomes MUST pay monthly. Advance reserve is to be used only for credit for rent. NO CASH REFUNDS.

House Managers have the right to enter 12 Step Education Program residents' rooms without prior notice. We reserve the right to do random drug and alcohol testing at any time on any resident.

Upon eviction, former resident will not enter any Twelve Step Education Program of New England premises for one year.

Disruptive, threatening, or abusive behavior toward Staff or residents will not be tolerated.

Procedure for suspected drug/alcohol use is as follows: A voluntary urine screen may be requested by managers at residents expense if the test is positive. If a resident relapses, seeks help/treatment, he/she may be eligible to return. .

Anonymity is vital to the Twelve Step Education Program of New England and it's residents.


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